7 Steps to Write Your Own Awesome Marriage Vows

Writing your own marriage vows is daunting and exciting at the same time.   It is exciting as this is one of the ways where you get to share your feelings towards your significant other.  It can also be daunting as you are making a commitment to your spouse that you will fulfill for as long as you both live.  Nervous?  Don’t be.  Read the rest of this Sydney Civil Marriage Celebrant post to get tips on how to write your own tear jerking vows.


Marriage Vows: Basic Steps to Creating Vows

If you still don’t know what to write then consider the tips that we are about to share here:

1. Talk to your spouse.  You might be extremely eager to write your own vows since your teenage days but your partner might not so talk things through.  Reciting traditional vows may not be a bad thing but if you decide to make your own, make sure that you both agree on this.  If you have agreed on this then proceed to the next step.

2. Talk to your wedding officiant.  There are some religions or churches that require the couples to ONLY use and recite the traditional vows so make sure that you know the rules prior to writing.  There are even officiants that will want to check your vows before reading them so it is best to be ready.

3. Agree on structure. Structure includes the word limit and length of the speech.  The speech should not be longer than two minutes so that guests, no matter how delighted they are with your love and commitment, will not get bored.  Also talk about if you will be showing the vows to each other or make it as a surprise come wedding day.

4. Do lots of research.  The world wide web is amassed with marriage vows that you can use as inspiration or basis for your own vows.  See which ones hit close to home and borrow their ideas.  If you want, you can get anecdotes or quotes from books, movies, or anywhere you can get them from.  The sources are limitless.  Don’t be afraid to copy as you are not writing a paper for school.  It’s okay and it is normal.

5. Look back on your relationship.  What are the things that you like about your relationship?  Do you have any promises that you want to make?  What hard times have you triumphed over together?  What inspires you the most about them?  You can incorporate the answers to those questions in your vow.

6. Proofread and edit.  Do you want to crack people up or move them?  Decide on this as you edit and read your speech.  It is okay to make people laugh but also consider the gravity of the moment – that you are making a commitment to your partner.

Avoid putting too much inside jokes or code names as guests might not understand what you are talking about.  Remember that a wedding is a public event so make sure that guests feel like they are included in your journey.

As mentioned earlier, do not go beyond two minutes.  If you have a lot to say, choose the most important ones and place the rest to a private letter for your partner.

Most importantly, make sure that your vows come from the heart.

7. Read it out loud.  This will help you familiarize your vow so you can have a chance to look at your partner while you say your marriage vows.  Reading out load will also help you spot mistakes so don’t forego this step.


At the end of the day, the marriage vows are YOURS.  They don’t have to be perfect as long as you are committed to doing them and that they mean the most to your partner.  Good luck and we hope that you get those creative juices flowing.