8 Dating Tips for Women as Told By Men

Have you scoured the internet for dating tips for women?  I feel you sister.  Women and men come from two different worlds thus making dating extra difficult.  Men are just hard to decode.  When we call them too often, we are smothering them.  But if we don’t call, we are cold and uninterested.  So how do we figure them out?  We asked them for dating tips and we’re sharing them with you in this Sydney Civil Marriage Celebrant short post.


Dating Tips for Women: Things to Remember

Asking the men outright will just scare them.  But don’t worry as we got you covered.  We have asked males of different ages for their opinions and tips for women who are still dating and finding the love of their life.  Here are the things that they gushed about:

  1. Just be you.  This is a cliche but this is true.  Don’t pretend to be someone you are not just because you found out a guy’s type.  Remember that you are not trying to win a man’s heart.  You are finding a perfect fit that you will most likely spend the rest of your old life with.  If he does not want you for who you are then maybe someone else will find your quirks and flaws charming.
  2. Don’t make him the center of your universe.  Continue doing your hobbies and interests even if you are already dating.  This will keep him interested in you as you are exuding an air of mystery and confidence.  In addition to that, spending time apart will make him miss you more therefore making him look forward to your next date.
  3. Talk about your hobbies.  Men want to know more about you so talk about things that you like.  What keeps you busy?  What are you interested in?  Ask about the guy’s interest too.
  4. Don’t invite them in after your first date.  Don’t hook up right away as doing so will make him think if you will do the same with the other guys that you are dating.  If you are really serious about being in a relationship, hold off the invitation to keep him more drawn to you.  Believe it or not, this is the common dating tip for women that men always mention first.
  5. Let the guy call you.  Don’t be that crazy obsessed girl as this will just scare him off.  If you think that you are doing much of the calling and texting, this might mean that he is not that into you.  But if he puts constant effort in letting you know that you are in his mind, you might have a keeper.  This doesn’t mean though that you cannot reach out to him first.  You can do so but limit it so you don’t look desperate.
  6. Commitment scares SOME of them.  Asking him about whether you two are already in a relationship or not will scare him.  They need more time to decide on this.  They will even wonder if you are ready to be in a relationship with them or with anyone.  Just take your time in the getting-to-know stage and see if you really hit it off with him.  Gather as much data as you can about the guy and only decide if you want to be in a relationship with him.
  7. Let them know if you are interested or not.  Don’t just disappear if you think that things are not working out between you two.  Men have feelings too and they will appreciate having the closure.  This will give them time to think about what their mistakes are or what they need to do in the future.  But please do it in a respectful way.  Don’t be mean.
  8. Men are not created equal.  Don’t expect a guy to be “this” or “that” just because your ex-boyfriend is.  Just because you had a traumatic previous relationship doesn’t mean that your potential beau will treat you the same.  Give the men a chance to show off what they have.  Let them pursue you to show that they want to get to know you.


What do you think of the 8 dating tips for women?  Do you have more to add?  Let us know.