9 Practical Tips on How to Create The Best Wedding Registry

What makes the best wedding registry? It is one wherein the gifts complement your sense of style while reflecting the well-wishers’ love and respect for you and your spouse.  If you are about to start your own registry, take note of the tips in this Sydney Civil Marriage Celebrant post to make yours the best for you.


Best Wedding Registry: Tips on Making Your Registry the Best One

Without further ado, here are the tips worth noting. 

  1. Register as soon as you can.  This is normal and definitely okay (and not being overly excited about the big day).  This is very apt specially for guests who shop early or those who shop during off-peak season to take advantage of huge sale and discounts.  Also, there might be surprise events such as bridal showers and pre-wedding events that some people will be attending so registering early is acceptable.
  2. Choose items together.  This entails planning of style for your new nest so pick gifts that you will both want and need.  Remember that this is YOUR home so prioritize your partner’s opinions over your friends’ or family members’ suggestions.  They may mean well but they will NOT live with you.
  3. Pick gifts based on your lifestyle.  The best wedding registry is one that reflects who you are.  For instance, if you and your future spouse like to camp a lot, pick gifts that you can use on your camping trips instead of elegant cookware that you will barely use.  However, nothing is set in stone.  Your lifestyle might change in a few years so you can balance things out by adding items that you might need IF your style does change.
  4. Four registries is enough.  This is manageable and will give your guests lots of options to choose from.  Our tip is to assign one registry for your bedding, another one for your living room, etc.  This will eliminate redundant sign up of the similar items for different registries.
  5. Think about your wedding attendees.  Are the items too expensive for your guests?  Will they feel like the gifts reflect them?  Think about their style too so they will want to buy the gifts for you.
  6. It is not greedy to register more items than the number of guests.  Again, doing so will give your attendees more options to choose from.  Anyway, there will be plenty of pre-wedding events before your big day so it is more than okay to have more items.
  7. Don’t rush.  The best wedding registry is one that contains all that you both want and need.  But to be able to have that kind of list, you need plenty of time to decide (and fight about the items because who wants a lightsaber lamp, right?).
  8. Check others’ registries.  If you are still lost on which items to choose, refer to your friends or others’ list.  From there, you will know which items are loved and which are avoided by guests.
  9. Cash is good too.  If you already have everything you need, you can register for cash and experiences such as spa treatments.  The possibility is endless.


Remember that the best wedding registry is one that you both want and need.  Make this experience a great and fun one by deciding together for your new home.  Good luck and we hope that you find all that you need.