Perfect Wedding Venue: 5 Key Factors to Consider for the Selection

Finding the perfect wedding venue is one of the most crucial things to do for anyone who is about to get married.  The thing is that this task is overwhelmingly important most specially for those who have no skill in planning and organizing.  For this dilemma, Sydney Civil Marriage Celebrant site gives you the factors to consider when finding the best venue for your wedding.


Perfect Wedding Venue: 5 Things to Note

If you are on the lookout for the best venue that will make your wedding a memorable one, take your time to read through the factors below to help you decide. 


  1. Number of guests– this is crucial as not all venues can accommodate varying wedding sizes.  Every venue has an estimated minimum and maximum head count so make sure that you know how many people you are having prior to your on-site visits.  Our tip is to consider having the lowest number of possible attendees as it is easier to add more people than lessen the number of guests.


  1. Budget– how much are you willing to shell out for your wedding?  Most likely, wedding venues take up the highest percentage of the wedding cost so you both need to talk about your budget.  Our tip here is to use online directories to get a feel for the budget and how much venues usually cost.  These directories allow you to search for locations according to price, location, and more.  Again, figure out how much you can spend or the venue will leave you penniless (and possibly more debts) after the wedding.


  1. Date– couples pick their wedding date for varying reasons.  Some want to get married on their anniversaries while others base the date on their religious and cultural beliefs.  Our suggestion is to pick a date during an off-peak season.  For instance, June weddings are ridiculously pricey so choose other months.  Weekday weddings are cheaper too.  Plus, don’t forget to check on dates for your worship places before booking the perfect wedding venue.


  1. Location– is it a local or destination wedding?  How will attendees get from point A to B?  Is the reception too far from the ceremony?  Is the venue adjacent to inns or hotels?  Can guests easily park their cars?  Is the parking free?  Do you need to hire vans or transport system for your entourage and guests? Does the venue have contingency plans for your outdoor wedding? Is the venue strict when it comes to wedding suppliers?  Believe us when we say there are more questions regarding the location so you and your partner need to tackle this.


  1. Theme– this will give your wedding it’s vibe so it’s best to think about this ahead of time.  For instance, if you want an outdoor-themed wedding, then choose a location with huge backyard space.  If you want a rustic theme, you can opt for ranches and barns.  Those who love fairy tales will find that hotel ballrooms with chandeliers as a perfect wedding venue.  Those whose love story blossomed because of a beach can go for a beach wedding. Believe it or not, some even chose to wed on zoos and art galleries.  The options are limitless so start to think about this.


Now that we have shared with you some factors for selecting, we hope that you have an idea on how to start with your wedding preparation.  Good luck and we hope that you find the swoon-worthy perfect wedding venue that you will both fall in love with.