Sydney Civil Marriage Celebrant

Planning Your Special Day

Planning this momentous day is both exciting and scary at the same time.  There are so many things to do and think of that the preparation becomes overwhelming.  You will need to set your date and time, the most suitable location, your special attire, and best of all, the type of ceremony – will you go for a church or civil wedding?  The list of things to decide on is almost unending.

Let us put our focus on the ceremony as this is the most vital part of your wedding day.  If you do decide to have a civil wedding, then it is best that you get a reliable Sydney civil marriage celebrant.  Much of the weight of the planning should be given to this as this may make or break your special day.


Sydney Civil Marriage Celebrant:  How to Choose the Best

With the number of marriage celebrants today, selecting one for your big day can be confusing.  So how do you go about with the selection process?  Here are the questions that you need answers to:

  • Is s/he a professional?  Is s/he licensed or registered?  Can s/he handle even the most strenuous or tensed situations?
  • Is s/he experienced?  What does his/her reputation say about him/her?  Can you trust him/her?
  • Is s/he friendly and easy to talk to?  Does s/he give contact details so you can easily reach him/her? Does s/he politely answer questions? Are you comfortable with him/her?
  • Do you share the same feelings and ideas of love?
  • What are the inclusions of the cost of service?

Answering those questions will greatly help you come to the conclusion of selecting your celebrant.

Next step is finding them.  This is made easier with our technology today.  Google is actually your best bet when it comes to searching for celebrants.  Apart from that, you can gather recommendations and referrals from your family, relatives, and friends.


So what are you waiting for?  Are you in need of a Sydney civil marriage celebrant?  Don’t hesitate to contact me.